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Billing Services


We offer competitive pricing, accurate claims processing, which will improve revenue and cash flow, reduce denials and missed charge.

How are you getting paid? Is your cash flow affected by your growing accounts receivables? The physician is doing the work let us help ensure that they are paid for it.

Avalon Practice Management Solutions will work with your practice to provide tailored solutions to meet your specific needs.

Services can include:

  •    Cycle Billing

   •     Coding Assistance

   •     Periodic Documentation Auditing

We will carve out a plan that fits all of your practice needs.


Billing Service includes:

  • Charge entry

  • Electronic and paper claims submission

  • Payment posting

  • Patient statement processing

  • Patient billing inquires

  • Accounts receivable management


How we can help you... 


  • We aggressively follow-up and appeal denials and mis-adjudicated claims, increasing your overall revenue.

  • Get rid of the headache of having to manage billing inside your practice, and let your office space be used for what is intended; treating patients.

  • Zero dedicated staffing and administrative expenses related to in-house billing.

  • Cost - We get paid only once you get paid – We are 100% performance driven.


These are just a few of the rewards resulting from optimizing your practice through our service.

Coding and Documentation Audits


Coding and documentation audits will not only ensure that you receive accurate reimbursement. It will also ensure that you are in compliance with policies and regulations. The audit includes follow-up provider instruction/education to improve coding practices that can keep the practice profitable and in compliance.


At the same time, audits can recognize documented services that have possibly failed to be billed. Whether preventing refunds or finding new revenue, our services will save you money.Avalon Practice Management Solutions can identify problem areas where providers may be undercoding or overcoding. This is what CMS and other payers are doing to determine whom they wish to audit.Customized remote or on-site provider and staff education will be available with each audit for each provider.All audits are performed by certified professionals working in all medical and surgical specialties.


Remote Chart Audits


This service can be provided remotely. Regardless of your geographic location, our experts can provide you with this valuable chart auditing service.The Auditing and Compliance Department of Avalon Practice Management Solutions (APMS) is offering chart audits priced to work with any budget.Medical practices that have an in-house auditing department can reap financial reward and gain validation of their provider documentation with a remote audit performed by our auditing and compliance team. Each member of our team is a Certified Professional.

 Now more than ever ensuring your coding accuracy is critical to the survival of your medical practice. It is crucial that you contain the cost and risk of running your practice.

What’s included in your Remote Coding Audit?

  • Review of 20 encounters (dates of service) per provider performed by certified professionals.

  • The specifics of each patient reviewed

  • Detailed Report of Findings for each provider

  • One-on-one education with the provider and other key members of the staff to discuss the audit results



Credentialing and Provider Enrollment

Avalon Practice Management Solutions can quickly credential you with the necessary payors while also helping you receive fair compensation from insurance carriers. Whether you are a solo practitioner, multi-specialty group, or a community hospital, let our team of experts help you expand your business or start you off on the right foot.

Full Credentialing/Enrollment: We will complete all of the necessary Medicare forms and applications, CAQH, NPI enrollment, Medicaid and other third-party payor applications.




We can complete task of getting you through the provider(s) and/or group re-validated with Medicare by processing all of the necessary paperwork.


Practice Assessment


Avalon Practice Management Solutions will take an indepth look into the work flow of your practice to identify where improvements can be made. Including operations, time and risk management. There's always room for improvement.


HR Tools


Personnel Policy Manual and Employee Handbook

Personnel Action Forms

Job Descriptions

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